How do I go about becoming prime minister?

I think somewhere down the line my synapses got wired up wrong. Maybe it was the acid or the years of TV that made me think I could be something truly great. Maybe it was when my heart broke and I couldn't figure out how to mend it. Maybe its all of the above. Maybe it's chemtrails. All I want now is for someone to lobotomise me, give me a suit and some business cards. I can't see how else I can get through this trap.

Where do people find satisfaction in their lives? we have to work to live. Pigeonholed between a couple of holidays we can just about afford. Then back to the grind, hoping next year pay will go up a little more. 

I don't want that life.

I want to be free.

How are the Few at the top shaping my world view?
How did the Few take control of us? 

Is it in the water? Gas in the air? Through our TV's and adverts like in that film They Live?

Few are born lucky.

Descendants of lords and ladies made rich off the backs of the poor when it was acceptable to kick the shit out of them and make them yours.

Rich from slaves.

Houses built by slaves.

Taxes paid by slaves.

Born into a realm built off the backs of slaves.

Most of us are all still slaves.

Of course i cannot say this freely as I could be labelled an activist and become a criminal. The Few want to keep the many plodding along so they get richer. Cant set off the alarm. Keep your mouth shut and all will be fine.

But I want change and that wont come out of a vote for one of the chosen few.

 What we need is real leadership from one of us. Perhaps that could be me. 

How do I go about becoming prime minister?