2008 financial crisis caused by greedy pigs creates turmoil across the nation (although doesn't seem to affect greedy pigs) > Tory party execute severe austerity plan that affects most of us (whilst protecting greedy pigs) > 2016 everyone has forgotten that and is obsessed with immigrants ruining the country, the size of bananas and losing our sovereignty.

And whilst blame is placed at the feet of the poor, the oppressed and bananas the people that ruin the world are the people still in power, playing smoke and mirror tricks over long periods of time to conceal the truth.

Look at Cameron and look at Johnson... Two privileged greedy pigs cut from the same cloth who think they are smarter than all of us. And they represent both sides of this pantomime referendum full of ambiguous facts that are making some people genuinely scared and others facists.

And after this referendum we'll see a Tory party reunited and more tricks that deflect the truth. And they will make people grateful for whatever outcome as they will cure your fears just enough to keep them in power.

And all the time they will fill their boots and progress their careers as ultimately thats all it is to them.

A career.

Being a cunt.